Sunday School: Learned Helplessness

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Each party involved in an injustice – both the person following orders and the person who injustice is dispensed out to; are being subjected to “learned helplessness”.

What is learned helplessness?

The repeat of a stressful situation so many times that all parties involved get two messages – (a) this is just the way it is; and (b) feel incable to take opportunities for change when they are presented.

In the US and UK police officers who speak up against injustice or intervene to stop injustice against citizens are disciplined and fired.

To protect their livelihoods and pensions, what do the remaining officers and new recruits do? They join the sausage factory dispensing injustice.

Stop and Search is a learned helplessness strategy; it is designed to instil a singular understanding – this is life for you buddy, take it. Stop and Search is so effective – it has a specific target baddie – teenage boys with melanin in their skin; and a specific protector good guy – law enforcement.

Stop and search thrives on the resistance of youth – in fact look at vids online of stop and search. The target is more times than not, placed in restraints “before” they are searched. Sometimes before they are even told why they are being searched.

On an individual level you can argue it’s for the protection of the officer. However, as a strategy, it achieves its objective beautifully. Send a message to the target – “yes you are being violated… end of. Take it or get taken down – choose”. And the targets are stopped as young as 9.

How may hardened 9 year old criminals live in your home?

We witnessed a police officer murder a 12 year old child playing with a toy gun with friends in a park. The officer’s behaviour; the 911 caller’s behaviour, are all from the playbook of “learned helplessness” – melanin person = danger. Danger = shoot. The 12 year old child was Tamir Rice

All lives matter is another learned helplessness response.

A police officer and his 3 colleagues, execute a man, choking him to death in broad daylight. Everyone knows melanin people are targeted and killed by law enforcement – this isn’t even the 100th case. An opportunity is presented to bring about lasting change in society and what are countless people saying – all lives matter… are all lives in danger…really?

All lives matter is a counter strategy to maintain the status quo; it’s saying “I can’t join the change momentum, get over it, I’m fine”. This is exactly what learned helplessness aims to achieve.

Do you think things will never change? Do you keep silent because you’re afraid they will come for you? Do you keep silent because you’ve benefitted from injustice. These and many more do-nothing responses are learned helplessness.

Recognise whether you perceive a benefit from the injustice of others or you are the target of injustice – both are part of the learned helplessness strategy of powerful puppeteers.

These puppeteers maintain control by ensuring society is split into communities who are busy policing each other.

The amount of melanin in your skin doesn’t make you a race. The texture of your hair doesn’t make you a race. Your culture doesn’t make you a race. Your DNA doesn’t make you a race. It’s all a fiction that relies on you believing the little white lie – which isn’t so little.

The “Karen’s” of this world don’t realise they are being manipulated into “policing” people who are just the same as themselves – the only difference is Karen has a better job.

How many mega power brokers do you see confronting Pedro for his papers, or kneeling on melanin people’s necks – not one! They get people like you and me in every walk of life to target each other.

For those in the not-targeted group; all you have to do is choose to only do too others who don’t look like you, that which you’d love for yourself.

Be encouraged.

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