Sunday School: Parallel Education

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Speaking with a colleague recently about “all that’s happening in the world” – was his introduction to open up the discussion…

We got to speaking about education and the fact that many melanin families have knowingly allowed their children to learn lies at school, but choose to re-educate their child at home.

He said Roy that’s crazy, I’ve never heard about this before. Are you making this up?

His Social Studies lesson began.

We discussed many topics and skirted over some – the lies in education is just too much to cover in one conversation.

Our starting point was this basic lie that everyone all over the world are subliminally taught – that it’s only when the caucasian man saw it, made it or wrote it – that things came into existence.

This is a deeply uncomfortable topic of discussion, however for melanin people who have been discussing this from birth it’s second nature.

The world clearly did not exist and people never traveled until the murdering caucasian Christopher Columbus travelled in a ship and discovered it – yea right. No genius is required to instinctively believe there’s something fundamentally wrong with that.

Thankfully my parents were not so gullible as to believe that crap. So my mother – very pragmatic on many topics said to me; Roy “if that’s what they want on the exam paper, write it for them”.

The Jamaican 70s reggae band “Culture” had a hit in the melanin world with the hook – “Christopher Columbus, was a, damn blasted Liar”. Bob Marley shared historical knowledge through his songs “Bufalo Soldier”, “Redemption Song” and others.

Following mummy’s pragmatism, I learned many other melanin parents took the same approach, “if repeating their lies will get you the qualification, give it too them”.

My colleague asked about Michael Holdings emotional piece on Sky. I explained his story is the default, melanin parents are forced to buy books on melanin inventors, books that show the achievement of melanin people. The US Ebony magazine published the pics of melanin graduates to combat the lies about melanin underachievement.

He said “wow I see what you mean, I wasn’t taught anything about the achievements of black people”. So I asked – “what’s the normal rational assumption?” He went quiet as he saw the magnitude of the system against melanin people.

So quickly I said, we don’t need apologies from individuals, that’s a gimmick. We need the whole system designed to benefit caucasians only – to be dismantled, totally destroyed and rebuilt on truth; both the beautiful and ugly truth.

He assumed because in his mind ‘Roy is a professional’ that I’d escaped racism. So I recited just one horrid experience, silence again…

All parents melanin, caucasian and asian, should purchase books on melanin achievements so you can break the cycle of lies.

Learn about melanin inventors, melanin scientists, melanin adventurers… because this world is dynamic and beautiful and everyone, everywhere, every day contributes to its beauty

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