Sunday School: Post Covid. Are you ready?

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Covid will pass at some point in the future, I know everyone wants it over already.

Are you ready for life after Covid?

Are you planning on returning – back to the previous normal, a new normal, a different normal… whatever you’re expecting get ready for the next phase of life.

Every day we learn of stalwart brands shedding jobs like autumn leaves. Many buildings erected to house an army of workers are being repurposed into apartments.

The lunchtime economy has been absolutely decimated. Working from home in some sectors was frowned upon, now companies and organisations are surveying staff to understand demand for a return to the commuter lifestyle.

Are you ready for “Automation”?

Life 1.0 is over, welcome to Life 2.0… Covid-19 gave us a reboot to startup into Life 2.0 Automation.

Driverless cars is just the tip of the iceberg; transitioning from paper money to digital is already a reality. Voice command products are growing in utility and personal risk.

The simple life as we understood it is over. Post Covid-19 there’s no such concept.

Complexity is the new normal – yes and we will rise to the challenge, our brains are designed for complexity, we’ve just resisted embracing it sooner.

Want to be successful post Covid-19?

Yes. Embrace the concept of “complexity”, because everything, literally everything will be 100% more complex.

Why? Because we’ve been told in the good book, people will become “individualistic”. I don’t see this as a bad thing, it’s just something that will happen and is happening.

Individualism – the new normal, requires personalisation ie complexity; which requires greater automation to meet the myriad of individual needs / demands.

Be successful post Covid-19…!!

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