Sunday School: Refund

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We have been paying off reparations to enslaving people traffickers, rapists and murderers – as recently as 2015 – a refund is due.

It’s news to many but for many others it’s great to see truth, hidden… finally coming into the light.

Guys like Colston sole millions of people; murdered at least 30%, raped the women, stole the labour of those who survived for over 400 years.

In 1833 Westminster finally came to its senses and outlawed the murderous practice; and instituted reparations – not for those whose labour and dignity were stolen. But reparations were paid to those who did the stealing, the raping and the murdering.

The bill was so large that the the govt had to take out loans to pay off these murderers. Who then used that money to pay for statues celebrating their crimes as the “history” of this nation.

Is it right for the descendants of those citizens robbed of their dignity and labour; to pay the cost of reparations to those people who murdered their fore parents?

Would British citizens pay reparations to Germany?

Would Israeli citizens pay reparations to Nazi’s?

So why are the descendants of murdered, tortured, raped, stolen labour, denigrated people contribute even a single penny to paying off reparations to murderers?

On 11th June 2020 I wrote the following to Dawn Butler…

“Hi Dawn

Subject: Slavery Burden Rebate Bill

The children of former enslaved people need to receive a tax rebate from the exchequer for any and all of their tax contributions use to pay former criminal enslavers including interest. We should never be called upon to pay for the release of our fore-parents whose labour was originally stolen.

Please consider proposing this law, in whatever form you wish. I am available to help.”


On Tuesday 28th July 2020 I received a reply…

“Due to strict parliamentary protocol we require your full name and full address to verify that you are a constituent. If you would be able to provide that it would be most appreciated, as without that information Ms Butler will be unable to provide a response”.


I don’t think it’s reasonable that a penny of my tax has been used to pay enslavers for their murder, raping and theft…do you?

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