Sunday School: Thank You Pennsylvania

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Last night I watched the movie Harriet Tubman – a real woman of faith who freed stolen people from enslavement. Harriet’s first base was Pennsylvania, home of the Anti-Slavery movement.

On November 07, 2020 Pennsylvania let its collective voice be heard again. NO to bigotry. NO to division. NO to hate. NO to kids in cages. NO to racism. NO to supremacy based on a false flag. NO to calling murderers good people.

Thank you Pennsylvania

Like that ghastly period of enslavement, yesterday the voices who want hate and death to continue spoke up too. They have fallen in love with manifesting the worst of their human nature – while mocking God, using the name of His Son.

Re enslavement, let me set the record straight. Africans were STOLEN from Africa. Then the enslavers used chains, torture and death to maintain slavery. Today their ancestors want you to believe it was the bible that maintained enslavement – get lost with that lie…!!

Show me one instance where God gave Europeans the right to STEAL, TORTURE and KILL Africans. Take your time, I have patience…

Thank you Pennsylvania…

Neither God nor the bible supported slavery hence the industrial scale of death and destruction of human life. God is not the purveyor of death.

Am I comparing support of Trump and his supporters to alignment with the devil? Trump does that with his own words and actions.

Remember his words – he can shot someone dead, get away with it and not lose one supporter?

Remember when the protestor was mowed down and killed by a caucasian supremacy terrorist. Trump called him and his terrorist friends – good people?

Those are not Jesus moves, that’s straight from the devils handbook for the destruction of humans.

Yesterday his supporters voices grew quieter, they stood in silence waving flags, mourning their 4 years of bigotry – which is their democratic right.

Thank you Pennsylvania for letting your voice heard.

The fight against injustice doesn’t stop with the election of Biden + Harris.

Other fights begin, one to protect unborn life from being a “choice” and to protect freedom to worship in spirit and truth – which will be openly ridiculed because of the last 4 years of lying while using the name of Jesus…

There will be countless challenges but for the moment… thank you Pennsylvania for voting NO to hate, bigotry and death.

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