Sunday School: The Windrush Gen were NEVER immigrants

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They call our parents and grand parents the Windrush generation.

But no matter how positive the articles they won’t refer to our Windrush heroes as British.

That they travelled to England (the mother country) as British citizens from brown parts of the British empire.

A few years ago the Grenada PM Keith Mitchell and Foreign Minister Peter David were in London for a heads of Commonwealth meeting. They held a town hall meeting in central london to discuss the Windrush scandal and explain the work they were doing with the UK govt.

I sat next to a caucasian man, let’s call him Harry, who turned to me and said, it’s terrible how Britain treated these immigrants.

“Immigrants?” I repeated back to him. “Where on Gods earth did you get that rubbish?” I asked him.

His history lesson began.

His eyes welled up with tears and his hands began to shake, then he burst out with incredulity as he was processing the facts – “we are treating British citizens this way…!!!”

The injustice of the Windrush generation continues in the language politicians and the media choose to use when speaking about these great people.

I had to write to James O’Brien LBC to explain to him his language was part of the problem – to STOP using immigrant and Windrush in the same sentence.

The Windrush generation are British, have always been British and always will be British; they were born Brits in the British colonies along with hundreds of thousand Caucasians Brits also born in those brown parts. Who have never worn the label immigrant.

The Windrush generation were born with all the rights of citizenship and abode anywhere within the British empire. Trouble is the racist economic architects never expected them to use that right.

Fast forward many generations; the British govt gave the evil task to Amber Rudd to destroy their British landing papers and ask only these Brits born in brown parts of the empire to “prove” how they arrived in Britain… think…. at no time were ever out of Britain. You can’t make this up…

The thing is, the arrogant racist puppet masters in Whitehall never considered these melanin Brits would ever afford to travel to the mother country…!!!

So melanin Brits arrived at Tilbury…

Since that time the establishment led by Winston Churchill himself and the media repeat the lie and refer to them as immigrants. And subsequently created a hostile environment for them.

Harry kept holding his head as the reality of what successive British govts have done to its own citizens became clearer to him. He kept repeating, this can’t be real. He gets on his phone and google Grenada independence and sees 1974… the tears wells up again.

Britain 2020, Boris Johnson clears the way for 3m “former” Hong Kong Brits to take up citizenship in the UK. The hypocrisy and shame of racism is being laid bare for all to see.

Decent people are charged to stand against injustice; well injustice continues…

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