Sunday School: They Don’t Want to See…

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Kano and Wiley are two British rappers with melanin in their skin. They are not twins. They are not doppelgängers. However Guardian newspaper journalist Owen Jones, can’t tell the difference between them – published a picture of Kano with Wiley’s name…please.

Science and the bible agree… every human is unique, even identical twins are unique… that is unless you have melanin in your skin and a unique group of people suspend all logic, science, common sense and human decency and can’t tell melanin people apart.

A unique special type of stupidity is required for this.

The degree of deliberate stupidity required to adopt this approach is mind blowing. It’s just a fact, while humans can be similar, no two humans are a perfect identical match.

Is it that they can’t tel us apart or can’t be bothered to? I’ve come to the conclusion they cannot be bothered to even try, so I’ve stopped ignoring deliberately embraced stupidity syndrome – I call it out…

I watched Liam Nelson in the Taken franchise until he casually admitted to wanting to “kill **any** black man” for the alleged rape of his friend.

Like any; like even an innocent melanin man?

How does killing any melanin person satisfy righteous judgement. That’s the disturbing thing about people who refuse to live in the real world and acknowledge ever human is different.

Ok ok Liam apologised and John Barnes defended him… but why ignore the trend?

An Irish newspaper made the same “mistake” confusing Stormzy and Lukaku. Ones a footballer ones a rapper; they are not twins; they are not doppelgängers.

There’s a trend; when it comes to melanin, all care, attention and integrity is suspended…even in 2020.

I remember doing an interview for the Guardian about the Notting Hill Carnival. When I read the article, I didn’t recognise myself. A few friends who read the piece, called me asking where did I get all those slangs from. I’m sure the writer thought they were making me sound edgy with street slang, which is what their readers want of melanin…I suppose.

All these “mistakes” follow the same M.O… an apology, then a return to the same stupidity syndrome.

It’s not for us to bow to stupidity; my father taught me this strategy to deal with racists… keep rising.

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