Sunday School: They Would Kill Him Again Today

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I have been both humbled and incensed these last four weeks.

Humbled by friends who poured out honesty and their incredulity to learn of the injustice faced by melanin people on a daily basis. Yes…daily.

Incensed by the lack of compassion by people, who I considered friends… who should know better; who should feel – better. Then… when I thought they just didn’t understand…they doubled down, even gloating in the pain of others.

A few years ago a close friend had a miscarriage. We put our arms around them both and supported them through that difficult time in their lives. Other friends who had the same experience; felt the deep pain and mourned for the loss.

Imagine how vile I would be to tell my “friends” all babies matter. Shocking right – off-course because it’s a horrid thing to even contemplate.

George Floyd is pinned by a knee to his neck…dies. His mother has lost her son. A child has lost her father. A sister a brother. Nephews and nieces lost their uncle. A community lost a member.

In their grief; in the re-opened grief of countless other mothers – compassionless people including some who identify as christians – shout and shout again – all lives matter to those mourning and protesting injustice.

We have read about compassionless people doing this to Jesus. They shouted “give us the criminals, crucify him”. I’m not comparing GF to JC, I’m highlighting how compassionless people behave.

They were compassionless to Jesus; they would be compassionless to Him again… I suppose it’s not a stretch of the imagination to understand that they are compassionless to those mourning.

Would it really be that different today, if Jesus was the one on trial for his life? Would these compassionless people act differently? I guarantee you, they would act the same because that’s the dna they choose to manifest – refusal to entertain compassion.

Compassion is free.

True unconditional compassion looks like this “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn”.Be encouraged.

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