Sunday School: What Can $10bn Buy?

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“White” Evangelicals, Humanists and Atheists were bought by Donald Trump to the tune of $10 BILLION in US Govt forgivable loans. All the fanfare around Trump, Paula White calling angels from Africa to support Trump – all paid for…!! Let that sink in.

These so called “white evangelicals” would have you believe that Trump and everyone of a GOP leaning is forgiven for anything they do. Obama, Biden, Hillary and anyone of a democrat or independent leaning can never be forgiven by God.

This is false, toxic and 100% certified lies.

Let’s set the record straight. There is no verse in the entire bible that gives “white” evangelicals a nominating role in who is or isn’t forgiven by God. Jesus died for everyone.

They would have you believe all manor of foolish lies and defend it with passion.

A little yeast, spreads to the whole loaf.

You see, when you’re comfortable with a little white lie, it’s easier to get comfortable incrementally with bigger lies until you’re telling big gigantic white lies, especially after being paid $10 billion.

The piper calls the tune!!!

That’s the problem “white” evangelicals have, they are so deep in Trump’s lies that they have to remain and defend of face the shame of being wrong. They can’t be wrong because they “have god on their side” – or so they believe.

Followers of Men…!!

These corrupt people calling themselves Evangelicals follow men. They follow men who they trust. And cannot fathom for a moment they can be manipulated. These are intelligent people, who in their normal lives are successful – but when it comes to their beliefs, they have erected walls of Jericho.

Why are they so rigid?

The bible has countless examples of people who followed their own thoughts, convincing themselves they heard from God.

Even people in the bible who previously heard from God, subsequently didn’t and got themselves into all manor of problems. Samson is one of those, who believed he could do and say whatever he wanted. Then one day he found out he couldn’t.

King Saul, appointed by the people (not God), likewise stopped listening to God and was doing his own thing. Even when another young man David was anointed king, Saul continued to do his own thing.

Why are these lessons important?

Trump and his evangelical acolytes are repeating behaviours written in graphic detail in the bible.

How do we know they are wrong?

Jesus is the prince of peace… peace… yes peace (not Pence). Nothing that’s happening now can be remotely referred to as peace.

Jesus said count it joy to be wronged. Ooops. These people are the ones doing wrong. Everything that goes their way is legal. Anything that doesn’t go their way is illegal. Simple. Has everything in your life gone your way? Let’s all take that position, anarchy is the only outcome!

So they will have you believe that, only the states that Trump won had legal votes. Like only. And any states won by Biden must be illegal – like automatically illegal; even without a count. Does that sound like God inspired to you?

Jesus said pray for your enemies. Don’t laugh. Evangelicals refer to democrats as the devil and will not pray for them. They spent 8 years ridiculing Obama, while enjoying the booming economy he oversaw.

So in closing, evangelicals are people like you and me; only difference they have compromised their faith in Jesus and 2 Corinthians 13 so much, that they can’t see a way back. So feel obliged to press on – we’ve all been there. What’s makes this different, Judas flipped for 30 pieces of silver. They’ve flipped for $10 billion.

Integrity has no price. Living in spirit and truth has no price.

Be encouraged.

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