Sunday School: What’s in A Month?

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One of oldest universities on planet earth is Sankore in Timbuktu, Mali; recorded as being established in the 1300s. The oldest in the world is traditionally believed to be established in 1088 in Bologna, Italy. Yet with this being the facts, I bet at some point in your life you were fed the marketing that Africa and Africans were civilised by Europeans right…?

Marketing is an amazing skill, I admire what marketeers can achieve on the human mind. The ability to convince us through sophisticated presentation of information and images.

When Melanin (Black) History Month started, it made many melanin people uncomfortable. Change always does. But it ignited something positive in both Melanin and Caucasian people’s.

Schools introduced showcases of carnival art, featured melanin artists and authors. The Natural History Museum packed its schedule with culture and contributions of Melanin origin – amazing!!!

What was beautiful about it – the curators had a clear understanding that “slavery” was a 400 year period in melanin people’s history and not their entire history.

At last…breathe…!!

People were in awe learning about colourful patterned fabric weaving in Benin thousand of years ago. Jaws dropped when they realised Columbus didn’t “discover” anything… Melanin people had their history long before that murderer arrived.

There was a room dedicated to African kings, not just tribal kings but kings of large Empires.

But remnants of the marketing remained. Egyptian kings were given modern European Caucasian features and the role of Ethiopia – occupied but never colonised – was practically silent.

More marketing features a picture of a Caucasian looking Jesus and an Melanin man carrying his cross. This marketing makes so many mental suggestions… however it began to gently challenge the notion for Caucasians that Jesus could not be a pale skinned Caucasian carpenter.

The fact is caucasians at the time of Jesus were pagans, worshiping witchcraft…that is a known fact. And the pagan movement has returned, legalised now under religious freedom laws. I’m not angry, just want to see truth…

Anyway I digress. A month to learn about the history of a people that were here form the beginning, clearly is insufficient – there’s no debate here.

However, recognise the scale of the effort and how you can play a role in bringing about a world based on truth not the continued marketing of lies.

Remember the strategy is “Melanin exclusion” – that’s what you are up against. Whether you are caucasian or melanin reject it. Don’t make a fuss, just simply reject it as false. A lie only becomes true if you accept it as true.

You must believe the truth exists and search for it. The marketing of lies depends on your desire to be “given” the answers, rather than searching it out yourself.

Yes we’ve all been lied to and continue to be lied to.

The history of melanin people predates any marketed timelines presented by caucasian empire building historians. Remember these guys are presenting history to support their claim of Caucasian power, not the truth of our amazing complex tapestry of life and this great earth we are intertwined with.

Be encouraged

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