Sunday School: Youth…!!

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Youth are the future; as long as it’s defined by old people…

I love autumn; the colours of leaves have me amazed and I’m always in awe. Trees are very intelligent, when they sense cold weather, they shed all their leaves. The sound of falling leaves imitates rain, it’s beautiful.

In a similar way, decisions of governments leads to consequences – same as leaves falling from trees.

Unfortunately Governments around the world are making decisions designed; whether intentionally or otherwise – to destroy our youth.

From over-sexualisation to under-aspirations and euthanasia; the youth of the world are being viciously targeted. You may disagree, that’s fine. Continue observing and soon your jaw will drop in horror…!

The most energising period of our lives is that period of youth. Everything is possible. The world can be conquered. No distance is too far when you’re with your friends. Every experience is a story and every story brings a smile and a laugh.

Many decisions made today attempts to criminalise youth, over-sexualise the youth, disenfranchise the youth, curb youth aspiration, but encourage youth drug addiction and drunkenness as the ultimate ways to have fun.

Many young people I mentor speak like broken old people; but they haven’t even lived yet. Zero aspirations, zero hope for the future – because they are feeling the weight of the older generation of decision makers.

In the UK the language used by politicians about inner city youth, is heart breaking. In the US it’s worse, the current president has zero compassion. His words omg..!!

In every country around the world, millions and billions are allocated to “youth”, but the lion share of that money goes to adults working with the youth and not the youth themselves.

Imagine we are told youth are so important to the future; they are the future – but not one parliament in any country of the world, has a quota for youth Parliamentarians – not one…!!

Let that sink in….!

So this important group can only be represented by older people quibbling over budgets.

The next time you repeat the lovely romantic mantra about youth, realise; unless youth are represented in the halls of national decision making, the outcome of all this lovely romanticism, just maintains the status quo.

The UN allows youth to speak at many forums and are happy to appoint youth ambassadors, but it’s a youth free zone where the decisions are being made about “money”.

Where’s youth in your country’s discussion and decision making?

Be encouraged.

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