Take Risks and Overcome Fear

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The contemporary meaning of faith is being narrowly applied to belief in God. Faith is actually belief in the absence of evidence. Everyone on earth has an approach to God. Some believe, some don’t, and a new position – agnostic – those who don’t care either way.

Each of these positions carry risk.

From a risk perspective, there’s two outcomes:

There is no God. When we die and enter the after life, if there’s no God and nothing exists after we die, then whether you believed in a God or not is no issue. There is no accountability, just nothing, which raises more questions than it answers.

There is a God and He has a Son – Jesus the Christ. When we die and enter the after life, if God really does exist and His Son is Jesus the Christ who died for the sins of the world. Those who refused to acknowledge him or couldn’t care, will have a serious problem on their hands.

So why doesn’t God send someone back from the afterlife to warn us? Good question. We already have the answer, its a simple word “love”.

True love is unconditional and freewill. If God does anything to force us to honour him, its not love!!

Be encouraged…!!

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