The Cross and the Ressurection

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Faith in Jesus the Christ rests on Him being the Son of God, His death and resurrection. And specifically, without the resurrection our faith really doesn’t exist. 

Christians rightly make a big deal about the cross and many denominations practically honour the cross because of its significance.

This is really easy to grasp!! God exists in the spirit realm and his approach to us is also 100% spiritual. While on earth, we can also choose to live in spirit and truth through the power of God.

It begins with the cross. Accepting that all mankind has sinned against God – our very nature seeks worship to ourselves.

Jesus’s death on the cross was a spiritual act. One with no sin, shedding the blood of His life to redeem all mankind – born into a life of sin.

If His death was significant, His resurrection is simply mind blowing. Because by being raised from the dead, He demonstrates there is an afterlife which can be spend with Jesus or without Him.

Where would you like to spend the afterlife?

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