There Are No Risk Free Decision

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You’ve heard the phrase – its a no brainer which simply means there’s nothing to think about…but is that true? Something that is very true is this – no decision is risk free. Every decision you make carries a risk.

Every decision you make has associated outcomes. As much as you would love to control the outcomes of your decisions. You may be able to control some, but not all. Some outcomes are not within your remit to control. And when you cannot control the outcomes…there’s risk.

God understands life contains risk and He offers us faith in place of risk. Approaching life without God, we are forced to try and control the outcomes of the decisions we make. With God, we simply choose to have faith in the outcomes we desire will happen.

Facing challenging circumstances? Choose faith over trying to control the risks which you are unable to control. Choose faith in God and His Son, Jesus the Christ.

Be encouraged…!!

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