Timings: Change Your Mind Also

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An updated or new wardrobe is a fantastic experience…for me anyway. I don’t like shopping but I love getting a deliveries!! I recall someone commenting on my dress sense and said I’d changed. It dawned on me in a harrowing way that the complement stopped at my clothes.¬†

Challenging procrastination and taking advantage or timings requires a change in our mindset.

I have a friend who repeats on a weekly basis he hates Mondays. I haven’t told him yet as I didn’t want to come across as judgemental – you do know there’s 52 Mondays in most years, you practically hate one seventh of the year!!

That’s why I haven’t told him yet…a little on the hardy side. My friend says he perks up around Wednesdays and is happy on Fridays.

Do you hate anything? To ensure that thing doesn’t have power over us we need to change our mindsets. Changing the alway we think about people and things; challenging ourselves to think about everything dielfferently.

Whay does that look like for you, what aspect of your mindset do you need to change?

changing your mind and keeping it changed is a challenge. Social scientists believe it takes 22 religions to embed a new habit. So changing your mind isn’t a one day declaration, it’s a daily discipline.

Be encouraged.

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