Timings: Its Only New If Its Different

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One day God told Moses to tap the rock to get water, Moses tapped the rock and water gushed out. Everyone’s happy and excited that water came from a rock. Awesome. New location, different circumstances, same need for water. God said to Moses “speak to the rock to get water”, Moses decides to tap the rock…

Lets┬ábe honest, most of us would do exactly what Moses did the second time around – it worked the first time didn’t it…?

And therein is the lesson. It’s only new if it’s different. But we dislike change; we want new but it has to look like what we know.

Interestingly, God honoured Moses and water gushed out, but there was a heavy price to pay. Moses would not see the promised land because in God’s words to Moses – “you don’t trust me”.

Our generation has phrases – respect is earned, trust is earned. In fact they’re not earned at all. Our trust in God should be total so that He can direct our paths. I’m directing our paths, He provides the wisdom and knowledge to work with people.

Every day provides new situations and opportunities, live in that moment and make decisions consistent with the present. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding because God will do a new thing.

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