Timings: Learn From Each and Every Situation

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It’s now accepted that every situation provides a learning opportunity. That said, as individuals we can choose what to learn from any given situation. And with that, the learnings can vary widely from the same experience. 

Listening to the news, there was a pile up accident involving quite a few vehicles. Everyone have their personal accounts and added a comment about the future. One lady said she doesn’t think she would drive again; ank lorry driver said – these things happen, carry on; yet another said they would stay off motorways.

The obvious explanation is that we are all different and see things differently. And that’s spot on.

I’d like to introduce another dynamic; choose the lesson you want to learn from every situation.

In any given situation our confidence and susceptibility to fear is continuously being tested. Some experiences stretch us through both at the same time – it can be a rollercoaster sometimes.

However we can choose the lesson we learn. We can choose to reject learnings based on fear and accept those based on faith.

Fear learnings make us put up defences and make declarations about never doing that again. Faith learnings is a little more challenging because you have to push beyond your natural defensive instincts and choose to enter every situation with God, in the power of His Holy Spirit.


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