Timings Procrastination is Expensive

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You may think procrastination is just a bad habit…so do millions of people. And it is a very bad habit. What you possibly haven’t considered, is procrastination is also very expensive…!!

Procrastination can feel good and give you some needed space…I get it. Sometimes you just want to press pause and take some time out. Your mind may be overloaded and a break from it all seems to be just what the doctor ordered…I’ve been there.

Problem is…while we’ve hot pause, the world has continued, our families are continuing, everything is heading off in the distance. What we really wanted is for everything and everyone to also pause.

That’s what makes procrastination so expensive – in terms of the toll it takes on ourselves, our immediate and extended families, our work colleagues… Our lives are so interconnected that hitting the pause button for us may feel soothing, but in real terms, it actually causes disruption, major disruptions. and disruptions have costs.

Because of idle hands, the house leaks” (Ecclesiastes 10:18). Pressing the pause button, misses opportunities to keep everything in working order. Choosing to “get round to it”, creates costly problems.

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