What Makes God Happy?

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The bible gives us valuable insights into God… as happy, sad, angry, glorious, victorious, judge, king, the I Am… God is happy. Most churches focus on God the judge and pay very little attention to God the victorious, happy, glorious I Am. Before God gave man (male and female) into the earth, he spent six days perfecting the ecosystem. We focus so much on God the judge, because everything on earth including the earth is marked for death and will all pass away…to herald in a a new heaven and earth of unimaginable beauty, where everyone has a mansion – I’m ready!! Listen to the promise – no sorrow, no pain, no death, no ill health, no work, permanent rejoicing…I’m in…!!

So the next time you hear anyone speak about God in terms of Him being a kill-joy, remind them of what’s on offer to those, whose names are written in the book of life…!!

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