White Privilege

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Sunday school: Maintaining “White privilege” requires the active oppression of others, namely people of African heritage – melanin people.

#ICantBreathe sums up the pressure melanin people endure so White Privilage can be enjoyed.

If this offends you, it should. Why should my son be mortgaged with oppression so that another’s son can be the model citizen? Why exactly? Would you like your son to be mortgaged with oppression so my son can be hailed as a model citizen?

Would you remain silent?

Many people do believe in equality but also hold onto an identity – this is their country, it’s a white country and cannot let go of the need to be doing better than the “other” ie covetousness – a sin.

This is an evil and demonic desire. Let’s shine a “light” on this evil desire which requires injustice to reign and make sure everyone understands their privilege comes at a cost – a very high human cost.

Jesus said to love your neighbour as yourself. In his day the Pharisee’s tried to worm their way out by reclassifying who their neighbour is.

In our day, it’s worse, they are using skin colour to determine who their neighbour is. This is demonic because God made all colours.

Brothers and sisters – you can’t love 2 masters; you cannot both love God and love White privilege. To remotely or secretly enjoy White privilage is storing up sin in your heart. It’s time to be free.

Repent and let it go. Then you can be free to speak up against injustice.

White privilege is demonic and has to be destroyed completely. Establish true Love as our global identity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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