White Terrorism

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Sunday school: watched a vid on Wednesday and a caucasian grandma said is so simply and elloquently.

“This is a ‘white terrorism’ problem”, she went on, “there is no supremacy in squeezing the life from a human body, that’s demonic”. She also said “when a Muslim terrorist kills people we ask good Muslims to do the right thing; so why when white terrorists kill people, why are we white people not asked to do the right thing?”

I am encouraged by the variety of people who watched the execution by 4 police officers and could no longer remain silent.

People from all backgrounds, all over the world are protesting – Amish people, caucasian people, Japanese and African heritage; women, men, boys and girls.

There’s a disturbing video of a young caucasian girl possible around 9 who went to demonstrate peacefully with her father and was pepper sprayed by police – a 9 year old, was that really necessary?

My heart is heavy for the families of those executed; I can’t imagine what you are going through. But we thank God for simple consumer technology that is bringing darkness to light.

The riots and protests will end – we will soul search and there will be inquiries

…but caucasians brothers and sisters, you’ve got work to do. There’s terrorists in your ranks – you’ve got to expose them, yes they are powerful, but they are emboldened by silence. Do the right thing…!!!

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