Why Bad Things Happen: Death

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Why Bad Things Happen: Death. I was 13 when I lost two of my best friends. Ian drowned while learning to snorkel and Frank passed away from a mystery stomach infection. I have learned to live with their passing but I cannot stop think how our friendship would develop, and the family lives they would lead.

Then recently my father passed away aged 84; that was and still is a very difficult experience. Family and friends gave me words they hoped would comfort…I appreciate their hearts.

But why do people die?

In Genesis 6:3 God expresses disappointment in humans and establishes the lifespan of man (male and female) will be 120 years. And in Ecclesiastes 7:17 we are warned of two things; not to be “over-wicked” and do not be a fool and die before your time.

Unfortunately, death entered the earth when Adam and Eve were deceived into choosing death instead of life – Genesis 2:16-17. They were specifically told of the choice that leads to death and guess what they did – they choose death.

Now for controversy. The process of “death” separates your soul from your body. Your body remains on earth (returning to dust from which it was made) and your soul returns to the presence of God its creator.

In a spiritual context, death serves a very practical purpose. Man (male and female) were not created to live in sin forever, because the sin of man has a very real impacts on the earth. While death stings, when our lives are dedicated to Jesus the Christ, we experience death in a different way. As Paul writes in Philippians 1:21 “to live is Christ and to die is gain”.

Be encouraged…!!

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