Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen 3

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The only thing necessary for the triump of evil; is the silence of good people. Whoever said this was inspired. It’s truth is harrowing; the evidence has scarred the entire globe.¬†

The silence of good people (for whatever reason) continues to embolden evil on earth; but thank God for the Internet that is enabling hidden things to be brought into the light. As awful as these events are, we can see them – it’s not rumour, it’s real.

Non-believers would ask, why is God allowing these things to happen?

To answer a question with a question; is God really allowing bad things to happen; or are men and women who can speak up, but choose to remain silent – are the ones allowing these bad things to happen?

In the bible, Jacobs family went to live in Egypt, over many years they grew in number and were enslaved by the Egyptians. In the not to distant past,  Caucasians decided it was a good idea to enslave Africans Рthen added insult to injury, justified the barbarity using the Holy Bible.

As then and even now; good men and women remain silent. However God raised up Moses, Rosa Parkes, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Wilberforce and many other men and women who chose to speak up challenging evil and finally conquering that evil.

Every day we have a choice to speak up or remain silent. God demands us to speak up because earth is the under the rule of man.

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