Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen

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Man was created from the earth to rule over everyone on the earth. Man is the most prized of God’s creation for one simple reason – we have been given free will.¬†

Picture Adam…the first man. He has two son’s and one murders the other. Do you think Adam blamed God or Cain? That’s an easy one.

Man discovers deposits of gold and precious stones in the earth. Motivated by greed S he sets about putting in place laws and infrastructure to maintain his control and dominance of the sector – the the exclusion of all others. He becomes blind to the plight of millions. Do you think God is to blame?

Today, science demonstrates the direct link between our manufacturing and consumption habits on the environment. Yet many in powerful positions deny the evidence. Do you think God is to blame?

Pol Pot murders millions, the pelope trafficking and enslavement¬†trade legalised by Britain, Europe and the US; stole, murdered, raped and displaced millions of Africans. Then at abolition, paid the enslavers for “lost property”. Do you think God is to blame for this?

In greed for money and power, men have committed murder, genocide and economic sabotage. However as Adam, we look to blame someone else – God. The logic being if He didn’t create is with free will none of this would happen.

God is the one delivering us from evil.

Be encouraged.

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