WIN with God’s Handbook 1/7: The Literal History of God, His Son and His Chosen People

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The bible is one of the most loved books and at the same time, the most misunderstood…not to mention the fake news. Lets set the scene for this, if not the greatest book on planet earth…the bible.

1,600 – the number of years over which the bible was written. The bible is a book like no other, its the literal history of God, His Son and His chosen people, until the end of time as we know it.

40 – the total Number of Authors in the Bible

  • 6,001,500,000 – the number of total Bibles Printed (2015)
  • 6,900 – the approximate number of languages spoken in the world today
  • 1,300 – the number of translations into new languages currently in progress (2016)
  • 1,185 – the number of languages with a translation of the New Testament (2016)
  • 451 – the number of languages with a translation of the Bible
  • 788,258 – total number of Words in the King James Bible
  • 31,102 – the number of verses in the King James Bible
  • 1,189 – total Chapters in the King James Bible
  • 66 – total Books in the King James Bible

Common argument used to discredit the bible is this…the bible is written by men and all books written by men contain flaws. Think about this, all books on earth ARE written by men, irrespective of who narrated the words…FACT (eh hem). The authenticity of the Bible isn’t about earthly claims but spiritual claims. Jesus made a bold claim – He is the Son of God. God made a spectacular claim about Jesus – this is My Son in whom I am well pleased.

These are just some of the spiritual claims made by God and His Son Jesus, which have survived the first writings by Moses over 6000+ years ago.

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