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The Greatest Love Story (1/7) Romeo & Juliet

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William Shakespere wrote what is considered throughout the world as the greatest love story every told – Romeo & Juliet. This tragic tale is etched on our conciousness; many of us believe tre love is ill-fated – it just does not exist.

I am going to open myself to vitriol by asking a simple question. How can a tragic finctional story of young “eros” love ending in suicide, be the greatest love story. Offcourse I am a romantic – that’s precisely why I’m asking. Both Romeo and Juliet die. Unless I’ve got this wrong, but one is required to live in order to love…

Nevertheless I still love Romeo and Juliet and still in a crazy sort of way consider it “one” of the greatest love stories every written.

You may not think of this as a love story, however there’s a love story that started a very long time ago and is currently in its final chapters. You and I are actors in this very real life love story. Its a love story about restoring us to our rightful place within God’s kingdom – Sons & Daughters.

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