WIN with God’s Handbook 2/7: The Greatest Love Story

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The bible is the greatest love story ever written. From the start to the finish, this graphical no-holds-barred love story has optimism, tragedy, fall, redemption and restoration – its awesome.

God created man and woman through His love and gave them the ability to conceive and make beautiful children in love. To raise those children in love and for those children to continue replenishing the earth with people in love with God.

Today, the bible contains chapter and verse numbers – this awesome referencing has been both a blessing and a distraction. Because instead of reading the bible as a book, many read individual verses. If I wrote you an email with 2 paragraphs and each paragraph has 4 sentences. Are you able to get the meaning or context from reading just one of those sentences in isolation from the others?

Exactly. So this fascinating love story is misquoted – regularly actually. But the love story remains for those who are truly searching for love!!

Want to know how to date? Read the bible. Want to know the purpose of a marriage – ready the bible. Want to know how to restore trust in a broken relationship – read the bible. Whatever you wish to do in love…read the bible.

God has provided a timeless account of His love for us and how we are restored to Him in love.

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