WIN with God’s Handbook 3/7: The Bible + The Holy Spirit = Understanding

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Ok, I’m about to make a very bold statement which many will not agree with – and that’s fine… The bible can only be understood when read through the power of the Holy Spirit. Said it.

Without the Comforter (Holy Spirit) the bible can only be read and understood as a story or as historical events. And the question – so you are saying, unless I have the Holy Spirit I cannot understand the bible? And the hard cold answer is…yes.

Its only with revelation of the Holy Spirit that the entire book comes alive; that you can see its a spiritual love story about a Father, His Son and the Bride (us) – spanning before time began (as we know it), through to the arrival on earth of Jesus and through to the end of the world and the start our new eternal existence.

When reading the bible, ask the Lord to reveal the meanings of the words you are reading – ask questions, never stop asking. You will receive the answers through the Holy Spirit – and those revelations will shock you.

One revelation that shocked me was the notion that God doesn’t speak against slavery. Just read the 10 commandments Exodus 20:2-17 and apply those awesome laws to what was done. Like the writer of Amazing Grace – you too will understand how truly wretched that era of our world history was.

Read the bible; ask questions of the Holy Spirit; receive the answers…

Be encouraged

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