WIN with God’s Handbook 5/7: Be Grounded in God’s Word

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Be grounded in God’s word – is a real Christian-ese phrase to use, I know, but lets look at the saying again without fluffy words and lofty explanations.

Would you agree, children are grounded in family values – whether the family have values that create a child able to make a positive contribution, or one that creates a child unable to make a positive contribution. The fact remains that all children are grounded in their families.

When a child performs to the expectations of the family, everyone’s proud, happy…elated. Good

Now, we belong to God’s family, we are His creation, we are invited to be joint heirs with Jesus the Christ. When we uphold our heavenly family’s name, heaven rejoices, heaven is elated.

The big question is how do we get grounded in God’s Word. That’s the easy part – begin to read it and ask questions. Your questions will be revealed one by one – guaranteed. When you pray, resist religious practices, simply speak from your heart to God’s heart. I guarantee, He is listening.

Read the Ten Commandments a few times and start asking WHY? What did God have in mind when He gave those commandments?

Be prepared to be shocked by your journey of discovery…you will learn mysteries that you never knew existed. Start reading…!!

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