WIN with God’s Handbook 7/7: Still The Most Read Book…For Good Reason…!!

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The bible is a one of a kind book of books. All the books are categorised into two testaments; the old testament books and the new testament books. Together they chart God’s history with His creation. We get an insight into eternity before time began; then a clear narration of events occurring within “time” (days, months, years, decades, generations, centuries); and an explanation of what eternity – after time has ended – will be like.

When you read the bible you are not only reading history, you are reading life. Now if you have never read the bible, be prepared for no-holds-barred, graphic detail about real people, real events and how they managed those events – whit and without God.

There is no sugar-coating, form the early chapters you will read about jealousy, murder, greed, theft and through all that mayhem, how God persevered with His creation – its an awesome account.

The mystery of this book is itself a miracle – how did this book survive and how on reading it eyes are opened, lives are made free. This I believe is what continues to make bible the most read book in the entire world.

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