Wow Didn’t Know That: Being a Christian is Easier than You Think

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Being a Christian is 100% easier than we think and make it. In John 3:16 to become a Christian requires this…”God gave His beloved Son, so that whosoever believes on Him, will not perish but have eternal life”. Believing on Jesus as the Son of God is the only qualification to become a follower of Jesus and enter eternal life in heaven.

Today many Christian religions provide hoops for people to jump through; you’ve got to sign up to core beliefs; agree to attend lots of stuff; agree to support this and that…and the list goes on.

None of those additional things are required to be a follower of Jesus the Christ.

All those additional things should be done out of your love for Jesus and His sacrifice; and your understanding and acceptance of where your blessings come from – God…!!

When you understand God is the source of your time, money, food, safety…you no longer need to architect the acquisition of those things for your family. God freely gives these things to us.

Our challenge is to be a good steward of what God has given us. Being a good steward of the resources provided to us by God demonstrates the degree to which we love of God.

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