Wow Didn’t Know That: Christ is Not Jesus’s Surname

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Did you know that “Christ” is not Jesus’s surname….!! “Christ” is a title and translated, means Anointed. If you knew that great. If you didn’t, I’m sure you’d like to know how come?

Ok, the bible is an amazing love story about God, His Son Jesus and the redemption of His people – humans – from an existence of sin and eternal death.

To redeem humans from sin and eternal death requires a redeemer who is sinless and has eternal life. That redeemer is Jesus the Anointed or Jesus the Christ (Christ means anointed).

In English over time everything is simplified and Jesus the Christ became Jesus Christ; with the problem that many think Christ is Jesus’s surname. It’s not.

You may notice I refer to Jesus as Jesus the Christ and that’s because I not longer take it for granted that everyone knows that Jesus is “the Christ”, the one ordained before the foundations of the earth to redeem us.

So now you know about Jesus the Christ.

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