Wow Didn’t Know That: Death is God’s Compassion

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Did you know, death is God’s compassion? This statement is supposed to make absolutely no sense; and makes no sense from a human perspective. However let’s look at things from God’s point of view. 

God created humans to live forever in a wonderful paradise called earth. He gave humans absolute dominion to “determine” exactly what happens with the earth.

Humans sinned against God. This sin isn’t just a mistake or a small action. This was significant, so much so that God asks Adam – what have you done?

God explains what will happen as a consequence; which is interpreted as a curse. Now think of another perspective. The original vision was for humans to exist in harmony with God. This act broke harmony and God knows what awaits, it’s not good.

God prevents humans from entering the garden to eat form the tree of life so they would not live forever in a state of death. So God uses death to redeem humans from this life into eternal life; thenlufe God envisaged in the beginning.

Experiencing death of a loved one is hard; it can be devastating. However as hard and dark as that experience is, it’s the process of redemption of your soul to God.

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