Wow Didn’t Know That: God Sustains Everything

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God sustains everything. This is a mind blowing statement…God sustains everything. How can that be? This physical world contains everything to support a fantastic abundant life for every human inhabiting it.

There’s enough of everything on the earth to feed, clothe, house, heal, educate everyone. The fact everyone does not have food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, isn’t because there isn’t enough but because men award access to life sustaining resources based on their values of “ability to pay”, and not on God’s value of love for everyone.

God spoke the world and everything in it into being, He breathed His own breath of life into Adam and Eve and since that time, humans pass on that life through giving birth to their children.

We don’t have an explanation of Life so we call it a miracle. That miracle is essentially God.

Be encouraged.

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