Wow Didn’t Know That: Jesus wasn’t born on 25th December

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Did you know that Jesus the Christ was not actually born on 25th December? No one actually knows for a fact when He was born, however Christians (followers of Jesus the Christ) choose to celebrate His birth on that day.

Yes, the day itself has a huge commercial element to it, but that does not minimise┬áthe significance of what’s being celebrated. Well I don’t think so.

Jesus coming to earth is a big deal. God exists in three parts – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus being fully God came to earth to give eternal life to everyone – eat of the tree of life!!

At the time of Jesus’s birth, significant things happened; an angel appeared to shepherds and told them a Saviour is born in Israel; wise man travelled from far lands to bring amazingly valuable gifts; Magi visited the baby Jesus to see the promised Messiah. This is a big deal…!!

So the celebration of Christ-Mas or the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, is something we cherish, because it’s God fulfilling His promise to restore mindkind to Himself.

Be encouraged.

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