Wow Didn’t Know That: There’s no Religion Called Christian

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Ever completed a cencus form? Yes. Then you would see a question on your religion, included on the list is Christian. So you may ask, how can you contradict this established understanding. Whatever your view, let’s go through some facts. 

“The word Christian has become a catch-all”. When Jesus walked the earth, His followers were referred to as “disciples or followers”. Then once He left the earth, His followers were referred to as Christ-ians or followers of Jesus the Christ.

Today, all religions that declare Jesus to be the son of God and the Christ is referred to as Christian. Even though the actual religion is Catholic or Anglican or Pentecostal or Presbyterian or Seventh Day Aventist etc.

Each of these different religions believe and practice different things; with a belief those practices will make their followers acceptable to God.

Can I be a Christian and not belong to a religion? Yes. Each religion will want you to conform to their belief principles; however you can just stand on what Jesus the Christ taught; adding nothing and taking away nothing.

There are many people who enjoy the fellowship with others praying and honouring God, but who don’t subscribe to many of the beliefs – such as “how” praying in tongues is manifest sometimes; baptism as a child or as an adult…

There are many religions who believe in Jesus the Christ, but there is no religion called Christian.

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